Dad Squad | Oahu Lifestyle and Documentary Photographer

The male (♂) species - males can be intelligent, with some even possessing large brains, self-awareness and tool use. These males can communicate and vocalize in several different ways, including grunting and flatulence. In human culture, domesticated male species play a major role in caring for their young.

... Ok I'm kidding. Haha. So I wanted to do a little project for Father's Day and was able to get a few dads to join in with me. I had so much fun following these guys their little ones around. Everyone, meet THE DAD SQUAD, aka (affectionately) DISASTER DADS:

... Nothing to see here. Just a Dad changing his infant son on top of a car in the parking lot. 

Though it may sometimes seem, to us moms, like they don't know what they are doing, they always manage! it's ok to go pour yourself some tea - they got this!

mostly anyway...

And don't worry. They keep the little ones close.

They even have fun...

they may do things a bit differently... ahem...

case in point, the dirty diaper toss...

and we won't judge when they need to buy a bottle or two. 

At the end of the day, all that matters is that they all got out alive.


So Happy Father's Day to all the DADS out there. Keep it up! We appreciate you!