Pumpkin Carving | Oahu Lifestyle and Story-telling Photographer

Let me tell you the craziness that it is when taking pictures of your own kids. You would think it's so much easier because they're your own, because you know them and they know you. Ha! NOPE. There-in lies the problem, y'all!! Lol.

Mom + camera vs. a 6yr old and a 1yr old.  If it wasn't for the pictures I was able to capture, I would tell ya, Mom-0 and kids... well... I think they're up to 325,526,748,680. I lost track.

This was a fun time though. They had a lot of fun carving the pumpkins and squishing the ooey-gooey guts in between their fingers and toes; and I kept my impulse to keep cleaning them in check, just for this. Go me! HOWEVER, I did end up hosing both of them down outside in the end. Haha.

This was also baby girl's FIRST pumpkin carving! It was fun to watch her curiosity and participation <3 and my son wasn't always a fan of the "goo" and mess involved with pumpkin carving but this year, man was that boy ALL in to it!